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Shiny Brites are colorful glass balls that were sold at Woolworth in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s –– and at just a nickel apiece, it’s no wonder they could be seen all season long. Vintage Shiny Brites are still a bargain at garage sales and flea markets, so why not stock up? Fashion a spectacular centerpiece by displaying a few dozen on a tiered cake stand. Dazzling! We have some vintage ornaments for sale on Etsy.

retro-pink-aluminum-christmas-tree Jingle1 IMG_0763 betty-crafter-kitschmas-2 aluminumtrees_arrenwilliams_c2ce53d0-85c3-491e-bd98-80a2e52867ac aluminum-christmas-tree-with-elvis-the-cat 223772675206226988_S5fs6eSu_c 174866398000972006_gYMPtBdD_c 174866398000971995_K6j20lUo_c


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