It’s not like you can just go buy a Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys record and you’re in. There are two types of people in rockabilly, people who are just passing through and people who are lifers.

Blissfully ignorant of both the realities of the time period so adored and of current realities.

Rockabilly Rules OK!?

Even in Japan were it’s become bigger than the U.S.

Rockabilly is definitely here to stay and you will find that every year the Rockabilly Weekend gatherings get bigger and better every year with thousands of people showing up to each event and new events and car shows coming up every year.

Living the rockabilly way is more than just dressing the part and going to weekenders, it’s a way of life, a way of thinking and a way to be. You can’t just slick your hair back and roll your cuffs on every other weekend and call your self a Rockabilly. It goes much deeper than that. It is how you feel and how you live your life every day, something inside you that calls to the culture.


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