That’s how Robert Downey Jr. explains his addiction to drugs and alcohol…..He’s been clean & sober for 6 years now. You are not alone. It may seem like every event and celebration contains alcohol but here are some celebrities that are share in the struggle to stay sober.


Christina Ricci



Samuel L Jackson – Clean for 20 years


Kim Kardashian



Ben Affleck – Sober going on 11 years


Jesse James



Kat Von D – Sober since 2008


Anthony Kiedis from Redhot Chili Peppers



Steve O – Sober 3 years.  (friend and co-star of recently deceased Ryan Dunn, whose blood alcohol was twice the legal limit when he crashed his car)

Sarah Silverman




Tom Waits


Russell Brand – Sober since 2003. On pre-sobriety life: “When that’s your daily life, it’s miserable”


Ewan Mcgregor



 Dan Cook

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